Create Your Perfect Basket

Courtesy baskets, hospitality baskets, bathroom emergency kits, wedding survival kits – we’ve seen all sorts of names across the web to describe this unique little tradition that is sure to add a little extra something to your event. We’ll call them “event baskets” this time and we’ve scavenged the Internet to find some great tips to creating your perfect event basket:

  • Get yourself a cool basket, find a box or tray that matches the decor of your venue or entire event while keeping in mind the space you’ve got. You don’t want to have a basket that is too small to hold anything but too large for any realistic table/counter.
  • Don’t forget the boys – while these baskets are typically found in women’s bathrooms, there is an assortment of similar items that gentleman could use as well. A little bit of creativity can go a long way by creating fun “his/hers” baskets.
  • You don’t need to go brand name; simple items are perfectly fine like breath mints, stain removers, toothpicks, tissues, hand sanitizers, deodorant / perfumes, band-aids, and similar items can be perfect for a basket.
  • Consider the atmosphere when planning your event – if you’re going to be outdoors on a warm summers day, consider including lotions or bug spray. For indoor events, decorate your basket with a nice floral arrangement or use a fragrance diffuser near the basket.
  • Avoid including items people have to share or that people associate as gross – hair brushes, deodorant sticks, chapstick, tweezers, nail clippers, and q-tips are just some items you may not want to include in your basket
  • Don’t put medication or other items that could be hazardous to young children in your basket. Most common medications are available from the wedding planner, host, or other guests.