2018 Fall Wedding Trends

The fall season is an excellent time of year for weddings – if it’s because of the rustic country vineyards, the colourful trees, or the fresh weather, something made you say “I do” to a fall wedding. The season is full of incredible ideas and trends for you to dive into when planning your perfect fall affair!

Take a look at some of these unique & innovative trends we’ve picked up throughout the year:

1) Get Outdoors

Forget about the high-hanging chandeliers and sparkling decorations – outdoor, rustic, & beautiful vineyard & barn weddings are here to stay. Look for unique pastel colours when selecting your decor, and try using coloured candles or wooden decorations to create a unique fall vibe. With the gorgeous change in weather, these polished, key accents will set the stage for a romantic, original, and beautiful wedding.

2) Pastels & Rose Gold

The colourful fall season is perfect for taking advantage of pastel colours that are bright and rich – these should be at the forefront of your wedding decor: on tables, linens, florals, candles, and other decorations. Consider adding copper or rose gold accents throughout your venue as these pair excellently with the breathtaking colours of fall while giving a slightly rustic / industrial feel to the affair.

3) A Traditional Ride

While traditional limousines and other wedding vehicles with be on the decline in 2019, the fall season is the perfect time to take a step back from the many unusual getaway cars we’ve been seeing over the past couple years – fire trucks, Tesla’s, and decked out golf carts. Fall is the best time of the year for that traditional white stretch limousine – don’t be afraid to rock and roll in this classic & traditional style for your fall wedding. For a classic choice of transportation, try a carriage or a horse and carriage to give your wedding that magical touch.

4) An Alternate Plan

Weather can be unpredictable in the fall – always have a backup plan (such as an outdoor tent or event umbrellas) in the event mother nature doesn’t cooperate on your special day. Outdoor heaters and fans are also an excellent way to add comfort to your event if the day becomes abnormally hot or cold.

5) A Floral Affair

Flowers are a common part of each & every wedding – but fall is the perfect season to go overboard. Capitalize on the trend this fall season and put flowers everywhere. Try working on floral chandeliers that hang from the ceiling or creating a wall of flowers. Position beautiful blooming vases on as many areas you can find to create a truly autumn feel for your wedding this season.